As an exercise therapist, Nancy Swayzee is considered an expert in functional anatomy.  She has developed a reputation as an inspiring presenter and teacher of functional exercises over the last two decades.

Pandora's Box is a compilation of my poetry, written over teh course of thirty years. I always wanted to write, but it wasn't until the pain of my life became so great I needed an outlet, that I began my life journey.  From the beginning, I knew the title, because letting mywords out was very much like the opening of Pandora's box.

My earliest attempts are very amateurish, but I stayed with it and soon my words began to flow as freely as my feelings.  My life has been full and rich… full of pain and rich with blessings.  At 72, my feelings are as intense as they were when I was young.  I expect to continue to write for the remainder of my life.